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Find A Product Manual

For your convenience, the following is a partial list of Product Manuals. Please click on the link to download a .pdf file to your computer.

Please note, if a manual is not listed below, please call 1-888-287-6981 and Buffalo Tools will email you a copy if it is available.

You can also email us a request by sending your email HERE or send to info@buffalotools.com.

(You will need Adobe Reader to view the manual. Don't have Adobe Reader? Click here.)


AC-G0002 ACDelco 3500 Portable Generator

AC-G0003 ACDelco 5500 Portable Generator

AC-G0004 ACDelco 5500 Electric Start Portable Generator

AC-G0005 ACDelco 6500 Electric Start Portable Generator

AFCHAIR Adirondack Chair

AHAR50 Air Hose Reel

ATABLE Bar Table

AWELD160 ARC Welder w/Thermal Overload


BABBRC Bamboo Bar Set

BABBS2 Bamboo Bar Stools

BB07552 5 Inch Double Cut Saw

BFC12 Battery Float Charger

BG6UL Bench Grinder 2014 Model

BG6UL Bench Grinder Pre-2014 Model

BG8DL Bench Grinder

BG8SS Slow Speed Bench Grinder

BS1002 Bar Stool

BS103 Bar Stool

BS103BLK Bar Stool

BS103BLKSET Bar Stools

BS1060B Bar Stool

BS1060BSET Bar Stools

BS1061B Bar Stool

BS1061BSET Bar Stools

BS1208 Bar Stool

BS2088 Bar Stool

BS2088SET Bar Stools

BS2091 Bar Stool

BS2091SET Bar Stools

BS2205 Bar Stool

BS2205SET Bar Stools

BS2304 Bar Stool

BS2304SET Bar Stools

BS2356 Bar Stool

BS2356SET Bar Stools

BK36 Metal Brake With Stand 36 Inch

Bar Stools #1

Bar Stools #2


CCMAKER Cotton Candy Maker

CDOLLY Car Dolly

COJSAWBX Electric Jig Saw

CME35 Concrete Mixer

CMG5 Concrete Mixer


DP16UL Drill Press 16 Speed

DP5UL Drill Press 5 Speed

DWCART Drywall Cart

DS1830 Drywall Stillts

DWHE6 Drywall Extension

DWHOIST Drywall Hoist


ECSS Electric Chain Saw Chain Sharpener

EHOISTUL Electric Engine/Game Hoist

EISM Electric Ice Shaving Machine

EPCOOK6 Electric Pressure Cooker


FFCD French Fry Cutter

FFCUT French Fry Cutter

FJ2 2 Ton Trolley Floor Jack


GSAL6 Aluminum Multi-Use Scaffold

GEN10K 10,000 Watt Generator

GEN1000 1000 Watt Generator

GEN1000 1000/900 Watt Generator

GEN1100 1100 Watt Generator

GEN154A 2000 Watt Generator

GEN154A KingCraft 2000 Watt Generator

GEN154A WorkZone 2000 Watt Generator

GEN154 2000 Watt Generator

GEN1850 1850 Watt Generator

GEN2000 2000 Watt Generator

GEN2000LP 2000 Watt LP Generator

GEN3250 3250 Watt Generator

GEN3500i 3500 Watt Inverter Generator

GEN4000 4000 Watt Gas Generator (S)

GEN4000LP 4000 Watt LP Generator

GEN4000LP 4000 Watt LP Generator with RV plug

GEN4065 4000 Watt Generator

GEN7000 7000 Watt Generator

GEN7000LP 7000 Watt LP Generator

GEN7500DF 7500 Watt Dual Fuel Generator S

GEN7500DF 7500 Watt Dual Fuel Generator QJ

GEN9000DF 9000 Watt Dual Fuel Generator

GENSD7 7000 Watt Generator

GENSD7D 7000 Watt Remote Start Generator

GENTRI9K 9000 Watt Tri Fuel Generator

GENTRI10 10,000 Watt Tri Fuel Generator

GPW1800 Gas Pressure Washer

GSALTWR Aluminum Scaffold Tower

GSAPB Aluminum Walk Board

GSASJ Adjustable Stem Jack

GSBP Base Plate

GSC8 8 Inch Castor w/foot Brake

GSCB7 7 Ft. Cross Brace

GSGP Connector Pins

GSF55 5 x 5 Scaffold Frame

GSM4BF Mini Scaffolding

GSF665 Walk Thru Scaffold Panel

GSF765 Walk Thru Scaffold Panel

GSGR5 5 Ft Guard Rail

GSGR7 7 Ft Guard Rail

GSPIN Guard Rail Post

GSORIG Outriggers

GSORSET Outriggers

GSSI Multi-Use Scaffold

GSSI Multi-Use Scaffold Addendum

GSSIM Mini Scaffold




HBJ4 4 Ton Multi-Purpose Jack

HBJ8 8 Ton Multi-Purpose Jack

HBJ12 12 Ton Multi-Purpose Jack

HBJ22 22 Ton Multi-Purpose Jack

HDSPCL 2,500 Lb Cap. Platform Cart

HDSPCM 1,500 Lb Cap. Platform Cart

HS07587 Kettle Smoker

HTCARG Cargo Truck Rack

HTMULT Multi-Use Truck Rack

HTRACKC Horizontal Truck Rack

HTVANRK Multi-Use Van Rack

HUBL1 Hunting Tent


ICM6 6 Qt. Ice Cream Maker

IFAN42 42 Inch Belt Drive Ind. Drum Fan

IW12BX 12V Electric Impact Wrench


JSAC41 Air Compressor

JSCLSTND Clamping Stand

JSMMIG125 Welder


LS5T Electric Log Splitter

LST12 Gasoline Log Splitter

LST12 2014 Gasoline Log Splitter

LST30 30 Ton Gasoline Log Splitter


MBSAW Meat Cutting Band Saw

MHG22 Meat Grinder

MEGRINDUL Meat Grinder

MEGRIND55 Meat Grinder

MHMIX Meat Mixer 4 Gallon

MHSS5 Sausage Stuffer

MHVSS Sausage Stuffer

MMIG125 MIG Welder

MSMIX Milk Shake Mixer

MLICER Meat Slicer


PBENDSS Parts Bender

PPWASH20 Parts Washer 20 Gallon

PRESSA12T 12 Ton A-Frame Shop Press

PS07215 Cordless Drill

PS07401 Polisher/Sander

PS07425 Rotary Tool Kit

PS07490 Multi Tool

PWASH1 Parts Washer 20 Gallon

PWASH20 Parts Washer 20 Gallon

PWASH40 Parts Washer 40 Gallon

PWASH35 Parts Washer 3.5 Gallon


SB20G Abrasive Blaster

SBC90 Abrasive Blast Cabinet

SBCN Abrasive Blast Cabinet


SFSB90 Blaster

SM07251 Windmill

STPOP SS Popcorn Popper


TCUT7UL 7 Inch Bench Top Tile Saw

TCUT10UL 2.5 HP 10 Tile Saw

TJ1500 1500 lb Capacity Trailer Jack

TWPUMP Gas Water Pump

Attention Consumers

We do not sell to the public. Product photos and descriptions are provided for reference only. Please contact your local dealer to purchase items you see here.