Pro Series Power Tools are used for home repair, maintenance, building construction and do-it-yourself projects!

PS07212 Hammer Drill

Easily drill into wood, brick, block walls or metal with the Pro Series 1/2 Inch Hammer Drill. Hang shelving in the shop or garage, hang shutters, or secure railings and fencing to concrete pads. Click here for more info.

PS07213 Palm Sander

Great way to remove peeling paint from the front porch or fix the scratches in the back door. For home craft projects and millwork. Sand around odd shapes and small nooks like chair spindles. Click here for more info.

PS07215 Cordless Drill

Great for DIY, home improvement and general maintenance projects. Also use on drywall or hardwood. Adjustable clutch helps prevent stripping. Click here for more info.

PS07216 VSR Drill

Pro-Series 3/8 Inch Electric Drill is ideal for DIY and home improvement projects. A built in level on the top of the drill takes the guess work out of straight or angled drilling and driving. Click here for more info.

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