• Bench Grinder

    Ideal for sharpening tools, deburring, rust removal, shaping parts and cleaning objects.

  • Electric Car Jack

    Easily remote lift your vehicle to change a flat tire, then store in carrying case for future use.

  • Mechanics Creeper

    Contoured plastic body-fitting design for auto and shop use. Low profile and easy to clean.


Black Bull offers shop and DIY automotive tools,
equipment and accessories.

SBC90 Abrasive Blast Cabinet

Includes 4 asst. ceramic nozzles, rubber gloves, blasting gun with trigger. Easily remove paint, rust and oxidation. Click here for more info.

PWASH40 Parts Washer

For cleaning larger engine parts. 40 gallon, one-piece tank, Includes parts basket for soaking small parts. Click here for more info.

SB20G Abrasive Blaster

Connect to a compressor, put on an appropriate hood with respiratory protection, then fill with abrasive and blast away! For details and manuals, click here for more info.

SBGLAS 80 Grit Abrasive Glass Beads

Great for paint removal, cleaning, etching, and surface prep. General abrasive cleaner. Click here for more info.

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