AmeriHome ICM6C Ice Cream Maker

Item # ICM6C AmeriHome Ice Cream Maker

● Discover why so many people choose this ice cream maker for a summer-time treat! This classic backyard electric and hand crank motor is tried and true, and solid and reliable. With the included recipe book, you will get the homestyle taste your family is looking for!

● When using the Ice Cream Maker, start by using the electric motor. Then, as the mixture becomes more solid, let the kids use the hand crank!
● 6 Quart Pine Tub
● Hand Crank & Electric Motor
● Aluminum Can with Lid
● Plastic Stirrer
● Mixing Paddle
● Combo Design Offers Two Ways To Make Ice Cream
● Easily Switch From Manual To Electric In Seconds
● Warranty: 90 day limited

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  • Use the 6 quart ice cream maker for homemade ice cream.
  • Use indoors or outdoors for homeade ice cream.
  • Add rock salt to help freeze the ice cream mixture.
  • AmeriHome Ice Cream maker uses an electric motor or hand crank.
  • The ice cream maker with the hand crank.